What is Cloudlabel agent?

The agent is a small application that runs on your computer to enable Cloudlabel to send print jobs to printers in your local area network. If you log in with the credentials you use to login to the web app you can also use the agent to import data, supervise printer status, print jobs, and a bunch of other stuff related to your label printing.

  • Overview of printers with status indicator

  • Automatic processing of print jobs with data from other systems

  • Import labeling print data with file drop

  • Automatic printing of PDF files

  • Print labels with USB connected printers

Printer overview with status indicator

cloudlabel agent printer status page

Automatic printing with details available

Automatic printing with cloudlabel agent

Process print jobs published with other agents or API

cloudlabel agent printjobs

Setup the agent to process file drop

cloudlabel agent filedrop setup

How does the supervision work?

The agent can import label data for printing using flat files* that are structured the same way every time. A folder on the computer is monitored and as soon as a file is stored in the folder, the agent takes care of it and processes it.

Here’s how to get started:

  • “Import configuration” is created in the web app at app.cloudlabel.com

  • One or more import settings is created in the Cloudlabel agent

You have now prepared the agent to be able to import data and create print jobs for the labels that belong to the group you imported data to.

This is how it works:

  • Files are created from your business system, warehouse system, or similar and stored on your computer

  • The agent processes each file and creates print jobs using the data contained in each file

  • Depending on whether you choose to publish the print jobs to a group or not, they will be handled automatically or stored as an order or article

  • Each agent can manage print jobs that are published and automatically send the job to the correct printer. In this way, all data import can take place in one or more places and automatic printing can take place in completely different places.

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