Nolato is not hardware dependent anymore

Nolato Plastteknik uses Cloud Label to create labels in production for their customers and to tackle product-specific images, different label sizes, and languages. – With Cloud Label we are not hardware dependent anymore. You only need a computer connected to the Internet to be able to print. We do not suffer the infamous “printer headache” anymore, says Birger Hägg IT Manager at Nolato Plastteknik.

Nolato Plastteknik work with project-specific solutions for their clients, where it differs from what the clients want, have many different solutions and uses small local solutions in their business.

Before Cloud label, Nolato used several project-specific and unique Label printing solutions. And they needed a more complex system with more flexible label functionalities than what their ERP system could provide. Nolato found a solution with Cloud label that could handle all their needs. And if a hardware, computer, or printer were to crash, the labels could not be recreated properly or easily.

“The greatest thing about Cloud label is that it’s very user friendly”

Birger Hägg, IT Manager at Nolato

We used to have issues with our labels. The print quality wasn’t consistent, and for example, QR codes sometimes became unreadable. When you work in the automotive industry it’s super important and extra sensitive that everything is correct with the labels. When we went from our old system to Cloud label, we don’t have that issue anymore. Everything is sent from Cloud label, is correct, traceable, and ready to print.

We brought in Cloud label to replace our old solutions to optimize and modernize. Our old solutions were vulnerable because it was dependent on EOL hardware and software, says Birger Hägg IT Manager at Nolato Plastteknik.

He continues to explain how easy it is to use Cloud label:

The greatest thing about Cloud label is that it’s very user friendly, and I would describe the system with one word – easy. If you need a new label design, it’s easy to find and duplicate. If someone accidently delete a label it’s also easy for me to find and restore. In addition, our users at the assembly department are now able to create new and manage changes in existing labels with ease.

Save time and make fewer mistakes

The average time from user login to first label print is usually 30-60 seconds depending on label complexity. If the user always needs to select a label and data manually, the time from entering the web page to first label print out would be pretty much the same every time. To create a printout the user needs to either select a label, search an article or order – or the other way around.

By introducing barcode scanning you can not only reduce time to first label print but also minimize the risk of human errors and mistakes by selecting, typing and clicking manually. Instead of manually search and select the article or order, the user scans one single barcode – and the label is printed.

Reduce your 8 steps and do 3 instead! Get started with Cloud label for free or book a demo with us.

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Contact Olof Hultberg , Chief Technology Officer at Grafokett, if you want to know more about Cloud label.

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