Ink n Art digitizes with Cloud label

Ink n Art, a printing partner in Gothenburg, had to make some changes to digitalize their in-house production – customized for their needs. They have used Grafokett’s label management software, Cloudlabel, for a year. Read this story to learn how they simplified their workflow by introducing barcode scanning.

Ink n Art was in somewhat of an urgent situation when they got a huge order from a key account with approximately 300 orders – per day. The order and delivery had to be done fast and correctly, therefore, they were looking for a new automated modern label management solution to handle these orders.

ink n art digitaliserar med cloud label

Simplify our workflows using modern technology

“Vi vill leda en liten revolution och utmana industristandarden för förpackningar och tryck för att förenkla våra arbetsflöden med modern teknik.”

Johan Kasanen, Technical Manager at Ink n Art.Johan Kasanen, Technical Manager, Ink n Art

Custom POD-solutions

Ink n Art work with custom packaging, large format printing and display, merchandise, and profile products with web to POD, print on demand.

Ink n Arts POD – Print on demand

Print on demand is a business where you work with a supplier of white-label products (for example t-shirts or tote bags) to customize those products and sell them on a per-order basis under your own brand and with your own designs – on customer’s demand. So, instead of printing large volumes and store physically, they can be stored in the cloud and printed on demand.

All Ink n Art’s POD customers have their own custom-made web portal. Through that web portal, Ink n Art makes it possible for their customers to order the exact volume they need, when they need it – from anywhere. This also enables they do not to have to stock large volumes.

Ink n Art wanted to take one step further to digitalize their in-house production – To a more sustainable digital solution

Ink n Art needed to save time, become more efficient, decrease the risk of human errors, and (last but not least) a more sustainable solution.

Ink n Art developed and built their own order and product system for their in-house production – it was working to some extent, but they needed to find a more efficient way to print labels.

That’s when they found Cloudlabel

“Technology is constantly evolving, why ‘old’ solutions tend to fall apart after a while. With Cloudlabel you will have a steady and sustainable platform for your label management and a solution that you can rely on.”

Olof Hultberg, CTO at Grafokett (Cloudlabel)

Olof Hultberg, CTO at grafokett

Ink n Art digitizes with Cloud label

“We were looking for any type of solution within order and production system. We even tried to come up with our own solutions. They were working to some extent, but we realized it had its limitations. We needed a label management supplier who could provide a solution we could integrate with our system.”


Ink n Art started to run an account with integration through Cloudlabel’s rest API where the system reports back through a webhook that reports back when the order is processed with all the label data and information. The staff uses barcode scanning for an entire order, when it is scanned, it’s automatically marked as ready in the system and printed.


Ink n Art uses Cloudlabel’s account “Starter with integration add-ons” where the staff just simply need to scan the barcode and Cloudlabel prints the entire order all in one action. To avoid manual integration between the two systems they installed several agents in their production to connect printers in the system – for example, they had USB-connected printers.


Barcode scanning was a hard nut to crack. But together with Grafokett and Cloudlabel it could be solved.

Ink n Art got closer to what they wanted to achieve; faster, easier, and smoother.

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“When we got in contact with Grafokett, I immediately got a good gut feeling. They responded quickly and it felt good right from the get-go.”

Johan Kasanen, Technical Manager på Ink n Art.

Our staff experienced a big difference

“Grafokett develops technology and software solutions to make it easier for us and we could use it the way we wanted to. Our staff experienced a big difference when we introduced Cloudlabel. We can from now on handle our orders all in one day by using barcode scanning. It made it so much easier for us to generate barcodes as well as label designs”

The next step for Ink n Art is to implicate Cloudlabel into the product process in daily productions.

“We are happy with our new solution and have plans on expanding by using Cloudlabel in more aspects of our production.”

Improve the work environment

All companies and businesses want to increase turnover. Ink n Art also wants their employees to feel good at work and improve the work environment by introducing digital tools. By using Cloudlabel Ink n Art could keep their workforce and the staff can focus on their core business.

The result

  • Improve employee work environment

  • Focus on their core business

  • Prints the entire order all in one action

  • System reports back through webhook technology

  • Use their existing USB-connected printers

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Since 2015, Grafokett has managed all product labeling using Cloudlabel. The result is that we have eliminated manual entries as the order data is reused and removes unnecessary steps. We save time for everyone on the staff because many steps are removed as most of it is automated.

Cloud label - Case study at Grafokett warehouse

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