New name that is easier to remember

Grafokett Online has become Cloudlabel. Still the same function as before, still just as easy. We continue to develop smart solutions to the challenges companies face today. The latest news is i.a. smart images, default values, quick print, etc.

🚀 Cloud label is powered by NiceLabel

We use label templates from NiceLabel Designer so you get all the power you need when creating professional labels for your business. Did you know that we support over 3000 label printers? That’s how powerful NiceLabel is! We take the best label tool on the market and make it available with the modern web technology you deserve.

Read more about NiceLabel designer here: Nicelabel

Read more about Cloud label with a list of complete functions here: Complete list of functions

You will get the best of both worlds! what’s not to like?

Say hello to better label management