How can I integrate label printing into a web app?

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Cloudlabel makes it easy to integrate label printing into web apps.

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How can integrate label printing in a web app?

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There are a few different ways to integrate label printing into a web application, depending on the specific requirements and technologies being used. Some common approaches include:

  • Using JavaScript libraries or plugins, such as jZebra or jsPrint, to send data directly to a connected thermal or label printer through the browser.

  • Creating a back-end service that generates a PDF or image of the label and sends it to the client browser to be printed using the browser’s built-in print functionality.

  • Using a cloud-based printing service, such as Google Cloud Print or AWS Print, to remotely send print jobs to a connected printer.

  • Using a specialized API provided by the printer manufacturer, such as Zebra’s Link-OS Multiplatform SDK, to send data to the printer from the web application.

  • Using a browser extension or a native application, that will communicate with the web app and send the label data to a printer

Regardless of which system you use, you can print labels..

Dessa 5 sätt att hantera etikettutskrifter från en webbapp stämmer väldigt bra. Det är klart att det finns fler sätt men beroende på hur mycket kunskap man har inom sin egna organisation så är de olika förslagen mer eller mindre lämpliga. Faktum är att det fortfarande är lite av en utmaning att integrera etikettutskrifter i molnbaserade system.

  • Javascript or plugins from jZebra or jsPrint to send data directly to the label printer works well if you have internal resources that can develop and make use of these resources, you also need to have label printers that can be “cloud-connected”.

  • Creating a backend system that generates PDF or images can work well if you don’t have a lot of printouts, since there are a couple of extra steps for each print it´s a bit tedious.

  • There are a couple of generic printing services that are “cloud-based” and can be used to print to connected label printers, if your system can create the label you need and you have the option to print via Google cloud print or AWS Print this can be an easy way to get started.

  • Using APIs from manufacturers such as Zebra Link-OS or other “Multiplatform” is efficient and can be very flexible, if you can build this into your application, it is a cost-effective way to create label prints.

  • Using browser extensions and native applications is a good idea but is not as easy in practice, even if development is moving forward there is very little support at the moment.

Although AI can provide good answers to the question, it does not solve the challenge

All suggestions in the list mean that you need to have knowledge of how to design labels and create the correct data structure for barcodes. Generate the print job so that images, barcodes, and text quality remain readable even when the label is printed.

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