5 ways of creating barcodes

  • Create barcode with online tools
  • Make your own web page that can create barcodes

  • Create a barcode API with javascript
  • Create barcodes with desktop tools
  • Use a barcode font

1. Create barcodes with online tools

There are a variety of services online to create barcodes for free and save them as an image file. You can then use them to have in documents, e-mails, etc. but perhaps not suitable for using that type of service if you have to print different barcodes each time.

Click on this link: http://bwip-js.metafloor.com/demo/demo.html

(The link goes to a page outside grafokett.se and is only for testing & demonstration. The demo page basically uses the same component as our example below) Another service that can create barcodes for free: https://www.barcodefactory.com/code128-barcode-generator

2. Create a simple generator with HTML and JSbarcode

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If you choose JSBarcode, you will quickly get started with creating barcodes, but you are limited to creating 1D codes. Code types Code128, EAN13, EAN8, EAN5, EAN2, UPC(A), UPC(E), Code39, ITF, ITF-14, MSI10, MSI11, MSI1010, MSI1110, Pharmacode and Codabar

Try it out

We have created a simple generator that creates barcodes in Code128 format that generates an image in svg.
Code128 Barcode Generator

3. Generate barcodes automatically when your documents or labels are printed

A common solution is to print labels attached to the product, packaging, and documents. Let your system create the barcodes automatically to always have your variable data in the right format without manually creating each barcode.
  • Always available
  • Scalable and simple
  • No need to learn anything about barcodes
  • The onboarding with label design is included
  • From desktop app to the cloud
  • Flexible design tool
  • We provide the training you need to get you started
  • Create your own label designs

4. Create code128 barcode with javascript

Here’s a sample JavaScript code that uses a third-party library to generate a Code 128 barcode and return it as a PNG image. To use this code, you must have the bwip-js library installed.
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5. Use a barcode font

Perhaps the cheapest way to create barcodes but there are a few things to consider.

One of the 5 ways to create barcodes is perhaps also the cheapest way, but there are some things to take into account.

  • Not all barcode types are available as a font

  • Makes a requirement to enter the correct data for the code to be readable

  • No support for so-called quiet zones

You will find a free font for creating code39 to download from IDAutomation – https://www.idautomation.com/free-barcode-products/code39-font/

Note! To create a readable barcode with this font, you must enter a start character and an end character, e.g. *123456789*.

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