5 reasons to standardize the label system

There are several reasons why it is important to standardize your labeling system:

  • Increased efficiency: A standardized label template can make it easier to organize, store and find products or documents. This can save time and increase the efficiency of your processes.

  • Reduce confusion: Using different label templates for the same type of product or document can lead to confusion and mishandling. A standardized label template reduces the risk of such mistakes and errors.

  • Better communication: If you have several people or teams handling products or documents, a standardized label template can facilitate communication between them. Everyone will have the same understanding of what each label means, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and increasing productivity.

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  • Improved quality: By standardizing your labeling system, you can ensure that all products or documents are handled in the same way, which can help maintain high quality.

  • Easier to comply with rules and guidelines: In some industries, there may be rules and guidelines that govern how products or documents must be labeled and handled. By standardizing your labeling system, you can more easily comply with these requirements and avoid fines or other penalties.

Plus you enable traceability

In addition to the 5 reasons to standardize the labeling system mentioned above, there are advantages to choosing a well-proven system to standardize, track and label your products.

By standardizing you increase the possibility of traceability and connectivity, read more about GS1 and their post on traceability in several industries here

Also, read this post about consolidating the labeling process into one platform

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Then, depending on the answer, we may have a couple more questions. But the important thing to take away is that we at Grafokett help you find the right product, based on your needs. For example, if you are not sure which resolution you need on a printer, we can help you by creating print samples of the labels you are going to print. When you then see the result, we think the decision is easier to make.

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Grafokett has been working on implementing label systems in various environments since 1991. A lot has developed when it comes to hardware, technology, and systems but the end product is still the same. You want to label your product to sell, track or identify in one way or another, and we can do that!

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